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The main aims of ILA are to promote the keeping and welfare of loaches, we hope to achieve this by bringing together all the best information and material regarding loaches and making it available to everybody who is interested in these wonderful fish. We now have a facebook group "Loach Fanatics" 



The number of Loach species is growing constantly, due in part to the fact that collectors are gaining access to areas previously inaccessible, but also due to the fact that more is known about how and where these fish live. People like Kamphol Udomritthiruj have helped this process by finding new species and making information available about their habitats.












For decades, information regarding loaches of any kind was hard to find, but in the last few years these fish have grown in popularity, as has the wealth of information about them. This in turn has helped boost our understanding of these fish and their aquarium requirements.






The next big challenge with regards to loaches is understanding their spawning habits so that we can try to recreate that ideal environment in our aquariums, loaches are spawned commercially using hormone's, but breakthroughs are happening with round 56 species now having been successfully spawned in aquariums including: Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki, Botia kubotai, Botia histrionica, Botia almorhaeAcanthocobitis zonalternans, several Balitorid species, Pangio species and Acanthopsoides molobrion.  

Loach Talks

Mark Duffill undertook a hectic schedule to deliver 8 talks in 15 days in the United States in 2016. Starting off in Pittsburgh and ending in Seattle the program included:

Greater Pittsburgh AS

Potomac Valley AS

Greater City AS

Bucks County AS

Delaware County AS

Greater Portland AS

Greater Seattle AS

The feedback from both clubs and members was terrific, so much so that several more clubs have already showed interest in getting Mark back to the States to give more talks.

If anyone is interested in having Mark give a talk on loaches to their club please contact him on the following email address: loachassociation@hotmail.com